The number of embryos examined for the presence of genetic abnormalities

Genetic Centre iVF Riga

In 2014, the first Genetic Centre in the Baltic States and Northern Europe was opened in Latvia where it is possible to get in-depth genetic examinations.

iVF Riga Genetic Centre meets all requirements of quality standards ISO 9001:2008 recognized worldwide. The clinic has also been successfully certified in accordance with ISO 15189:2013.

We are leaders in the introducing of various innovative technologies, and all the services that are listed in our product range are carried out on-site in our laboratory, and for each analysis you will receive a clear explanation and advice. For some tests, state funding is available - see Pricelist.

Our services:

  • Genetic consultations;
  • Oncologist-chemotherapist consultations;
  • Preimplantation genetic testing of embryos at the chromosome and gene level (PGT-A/PGS and PGT-M/PGD); 
  • Karyotyping;
  • Molecular genetic testing – thrombophilia, PAI, non-invasive determination of fetal Rhesus factor in pregnant women, testing for the Fragile X chromosome syndrome, testing for determination of AZF region microdeletions of Y-chromosome, HLA typing, KIR typing, genetic testing of missed abortion material; Genetic testing of hereditary cancer; testing for inherited recessive diseases;
  • Genetic tests for the complex examination of female/male infertility (Female/Male Fertility Tests);
  • Genetic passports for the newborns.

We are a strong team with top-class specialists, we have a modern laboratory with high-tech equipment at our disposal, and all our work is dedicated to helping you in different life situations. 

Your Genetic Centre team